Commercial and Farmers Bank

Ornamental building at Howard and German Streets

An ornamental building at the S. W. corner of Howard and German streets, chartered capital of $666,666 66; actual capital $410,000. President Charles Bohn. Cashier, G. T. Dunbar. Discount days, Tuesday and Friday.

Excerpted from Charles Varle, A complete view of Baltimore (Baltimore, MD: Samuel Young, 1833), 57.


Commercial and Farmers Bank

Commercial and Farmers Bank

A detail from Poppleton's 1822 map of Baltimore | Source: This plan of the city of Baltimore | Creator: Poppleton, Thomas H. View File Details Page

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German Street is now known as Redwood Street. The City Crescent Building, across from the University Center/Baltimore Street light rail stop, stands in the location of the bank.

Street Address:

12 S Howard St, Baltimore, MD 21201 [map]

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Charles Varle, “Commercial and Farmers Bank,” Battle of Baltimore, accessed June 26, 2019,
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