Union Bank of Maryland

A handsome edifice

Is situate[d] at the south-east intersection of Fayette and North Charles streets. It forms a handsome edifice of the Ionic order. This fine building is decorated with appropriate ornaments, handsomely carved, and has its recessed peristile supported by four large and beautiful marble columns. The cost of its construction was $90,000. Chartered capital $3,000,000 ; paid in, say $2,000,000 ; reduced by the legislature to three-fourths, say $1,500,000. Thos. Ellicott, president. Robt. Mickle, cashier. Discount daily.

Excerpted from Charles Varle, A complete view of Baltimore (Baltimore, MD: Samuel Young, 1833), 57.

Access Information:

The southeast corner of Fayette and North Charles Streets, in the heart of downtown, is now occupied by a large office building.

Street Address:

1 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201 [map]

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