Christ Church

A bright building along the Jones Falls

Christ Church. In the year 1785, the German Calvinists erected a church on the east side of Jones' Falls which ten years afterwards was sold to the Episcopalians, and by them called Christ Church. It was then without the steeple that now "so delicately stands."--In 1805, this was added and a chime of six bells was placed in it. It has lately been furbished up, and the church is painted a bright red, and the steeple a bright yellow, a singularly strong contrast, which might have been admired, perhaps more, in the day of the original erection, than at present--but, d egustibus, &c. The present pastor of this congregation, is the Rev. John Johns.

Excerpted from John H.B. Latrobe, Picture of the Baltimore (Baltimore, MD: Lucas Fielding, Jr., 1832), 134-135.


Christ Church

Christ Church

A detail from Poppleton's 1822 map of Baltimore | Source: This plan of the city of Baltimore | Creator: Poppleton, Thomas H. View File Details Page

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The site is now Shot Tower Park, near the Metro stop.

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801 E. Fayette St, Baltimore, MD 21202 [map]

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