First Presbyterian Church

First built in 1751

First Presbyterian Church. This church originally stood on the bank of the a precipice, overhanging Jones' Falls, which strange as the assertion may now seem, did at one time meander, navigable for sea vessels, in this neighborhood. A church was built here in 1751, which was afterwards pulled down, and the present one erected in 1791. The church is at the north west corner of the Fayette and North streets. It can boast of the but little beauty, although it has a great portico and two steeples.—The chief particularity about the latter being, that the weather-cocks upon them never point in the same direction, unless, perhaps, during the equinoctial gales. We have represented the church in the annexed plate, which will supply the place of the further description. The pastor now is the Rev. William Nevins.

Excerpted from John H.B. Latrobe, Picture of the Baltimore (Baltimore, MD: Lucas Fielding, Jr., 1832), 135-136.

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The location is now the US Post Office building located across from the Battle Monument.

Street Address:

111 N Calvert St, Baltimore, MD 21202 [map]

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