German Reformed Church

Built in 1795 on Second Street

German Reformed Church. This church is situated in Second street, between Gay and Belvidere streets, and is built after the usual barn-like fashion of places of public worship of its day, with the exception of its steeple, that is really both tall, well proportioned and handsome, and attracts the daily gaze of the citizens of high and low degree, inasmuch as it contains the town clock, and measures out time to all, (not concerned, for who is not concerned,) who are attentive to his progress. The congregation of this church originally occupied the present Christ Church, which, as elsewhere remarked, they sold to the Episcopalians in 1795, when the present building was erected. The pastor is the Rev. Mr. Helfenstein. In the accompanying plate, we have done our best, to do justice to the "church and the steeple."

Excerpted from John H.B. Latrobe, Jr., Picture of Baltimore (Baltimore, MD: Lucas Fielding, Jr., 1832), 139.

Access Information:

The site of the church is near present day Commerce and Water Streets.

Street Address:

19 Commerce St, Baltimore, MD 21202 [map]

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Excerpted from John H.B. Latrobe, Jr.,Picture of Baltimore(Baltimore, MD: Lucas Fielding, Jr., 1832), 139., “German Reformed Church,” Battle of Baltimore, accessed November 21, 2019,
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