First Baptist Church

"An Ornament to that Part of the City"

First Baptist Church, at the corner of Sharp and Lombard streets. It is a circular building, 80 feet in diameter with an Ionic portico. It is built of brick, and stuccoed. The architect, is Robert Mills, esq. The situation is conspicuous, and it altogether, forms quite an ornament to that part of the city, in which it is placed. It was opened for Worship in 1818. The present pastor, is the Rev. Mr. Finlay.

Excerpted from John H.B. Latrobe, Jr., Picture of Baltimore (Baltimore, MD: Lucas Fielding, Jr., 1832), 137.


First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church

A detail from Poppleton's 1822 map of Baltimore | Source: This plan of the city of Baltimore | Creator: Poppleton, Thomas H. View File Details Page

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The site is currently occupied by the George H. Fallon Federal Building.

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198 W Lombard St, Baltimore, MD 21201 [map]

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